Modern PD

Modern PD is the culmination of multiple recent advancements in clinical practice and innovations in technology that, in combination, are yielding improved survival,  increasing patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes that in some cases are outpacing those of HD1,2,3 

Putting the patient at the center of care

Image - physician and patient

Selecting the right dialysis modality is a journey that you share with your patient. 

Modern PD offers patients many choices. Are you ready to voice them?


The early survival benefit results in a substantial gain of patient life years in PD cohorts relative to HD ones.7

Life goals

Modern PD patients are more satisfied with their treatment compared to HD patients.1

Shared decision-making

Shared decision-making supports patient satisfaction and leads to an increase in patients choosing Modern PD.2


Modern PD minimizes visits to the dialysis clinic and reduces the risk of exposure to nosocomial infections.3

Physician and patient

Choosing Modern PD is associated with a survival advantage

Multiple studies have shown PD survival rates are improving and in some cases outpacing those of HD.6,7,8,9


Choosing Modern PD improves patient quality of life

Modern PD offers patients independence and enables them to go about their daily routine.1,10,11,12,13

Physician and patient - Modern PD

Modern PD is frequently the choice of educated patients

Patient education and effective shared decision-making can help start more patients on PD.2

Image - clinic visits per year - Modern PD 4-13, HD 156

Modern PD is a safer choice for immunocompromised patients

Dialysis at home helps prevent nosocomial infections such as COVID-19.3