Transforming Hemodialysis

HD, hemodialysis, hemodialysis treatment

Helping to Simplify and Improve the Quality of Hemodialysis Treatments

Baxter is committed to advancing hemodialysis in ground-breaking and meaningful ways. We do this by providing innovative products and services that help healthcare professionals improve the quality of treatments and simplify therapy delivery for the diverse and growing population of end-stage renal disease patients.

Hemodialysis Facts & Figures


Of the patients on dialysis worldwide are receiving hemodialysis1


Baxter HD monitors today help deliver effective hemodialysis2


Field service engineers help healthcare providers optimize their clinical operations2

A Dialyzer for Every Patient

HD, one Treatment, hemodialysis, hemodialysis treatment

Because Every Patient Deserves the Right Therapy

Baxter considers every HD patient an individual. We do not believe in delivering the same standardized therapy to all patients, but instead provide choices to select the therapy and treatment modality that is right for both patients and clinics.

Therefore, Baxter offers multiple HD therapy options – such as low-flux, high-flux, HDF and HDx – and various treatment modalities. Additionally, Baxter supports a wide variety of settings, including at-home, self-care, and in-center. This allows you to choose the right solution for your patients and helps you deliver clinical excellence.

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Your Partner in End-to-End Solutions

Having partnered closely with healthcare providers around the globe, Baxter understands the effort required to run an efficient and effective hemodialysis unit, and we want to support HCPs every step of the way. Baxter has more than 800 field service engineers supporting dialysis providers in over 60 countries who operate the more than 100,000 Baxter HD monitors in use worldwide today2.

Our end-to-end solutions include a wide range of supporting services and products needed to run an effective hemodialysis clinic, such as water treatment systems, full service programs, and training resources - all designed with you and your clinic in mind.

HD, hemodialysis, hemodialysis treatment

New Possibilities, Simple Delivery

Explore our latest multi-therapy system that offers a unique combination of efficient HD, effective HDF and innovative HDx therapies, providing you total control over the delivery of personalized hemodialysis treatments.

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The latest clinical insights

Explore our Clinical Data page to access studies and reports across various therapy areas.

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Important Safety Information

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