Renal therapies

Innovative therapies across the continuum of care


Supporting Throughout the Entire Continuum of Care

Baxter is firmly committed to support patients and their healthcare providers throughout the entire continuum of care - from acute kidney injury to end-stage chronic kidney disease. Our clinically effective solutions help ensure smooth transitions for patients as they sequence through different treatment steps. Thereby, we enable you to deliver the right therapy throughout the entire patient journey.

Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis - combined with Remote Patient Management – offers the potential to improve renal patients’ clinical outcomes and increase lifestyle flexibility.


Hemodialysis is the predominant therapy for end-stage kidney disease, and can be delivered through multiple therapy options.


HDx - also known as expanded Hemodialysis - is an innovative therapy that effectively targets the removal of large middle molecules. 

Important Safety Information

For safe and proper use of products mentioned herein, please refer to the appropriate Operators Manual or Instructions for Use.