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Expand renal possibilities for all HD patients

Expanded hemodialysis (HDx) therapy is the next evolution in hemodialysis that brings us a step closer to the natural kidney.1 HDx enabled by Theranova* features an innovative membrane for higher permeability compared to HD and HDF to enable efficient removal of large middle molecules (25 kDa to <60 kDa).2,3,4
Some of these large uremic toxins have been linked to inflammation, cardiovascular disease and other co-morbidities in dialysis patients.5,6

HDx therapy delivers meaningful and relevant innovation for dialysis patients


Safety Evidence

HDx therapy enabled by the Theranova dialyzer provides superior removal of large middle molecule uremic toxins compared to conventional HD and HDF while retaining essential proteins and maintaining stable albumin levels.2,3,7



HDx therapy enabled by the innovative Theranova dialyzer with increased nominal pore size, targets the efficient removal of large middle molecule uremic toxins without the need for a more complex setup than regular HD.1,6


Clinical Effectiveness

HDx therapy addresses pathophysiological responses and clinical outcomes that challenge patients undergoing hemodialysis for treatment of end stage kidney disease.8


Patient-Reported Measures

HDx therapy may improve patient-reported outcomes related to quality of life aspects of kidney disease, including symptom burden, restless legs syndrome criteria, pruritus and dialysis recovery time.4,8,9


Operational Efficiency

With HDx therapy, not only can Theranova provide advanced performance compared to HD and HDF along with clinical and patient-reported benefits but HDx therapy can be prescribed using regular HD workflow and infrastructure.6,10 

Provide Expanded Hemodialysis. Retain HD Simplicity.     



While HDx therapy may offer the potential to improve access to care and to help improve the effectiveness and quality of care, HDx therapy may simultaneously offer dialysis service providers and healthcare systems alike the opportunity to reduce the total cost of care.11,12 

Baxter's Commitment to You

HDx therapy (expanded HD) provides high-performance hemodialysis treatments by targeting the efficient removal of large and conventional middle molecules (500 Da to <60 kDa), many of which have been linked to the development of inflammation, cardiovascular disease and other comorbidities in dialysis patients.1,3,4

The Healthcare Concern

Conventional and large middle molecules effect a range of biological functions including inflammation and cardiovascular risk. The retention of these molecules has been associated with higher mortality in chronic kidney disease patients.6

The Challenge

Traditional high-flux membranes prescribed for use in hemodiafiltration (HDF) and high-flux hemodialysis (HF-HD) treatments have limited capability to remove conventional and large middle molecule uremic toxins.1,5,6

Reference Library

Hear from patients, nephrologists, and nurses alike as they share their experience prescribing HDx. Be reassured by the pioneering commitment of Baxter to dialysis patients the world over and learn how Theranova dialyzers are made.

HDx Evidence Compendium

On-going research and clinical reporting are an integral part of the HDx journey. Explore the expanding evidence related to HDx enabled by Theranova that nephrologists around the world continue to generate.


HDx Therapy Brochure

Here you can find the HDx therapy brochure with more information about prescribing HDx for your hemodialysis patients.


HDx Therapy Specification Sheets

Here you can find the detailed profiles of Theranova dialyzers.


The latest clinical insights

Explore our Clinical Data page to access studies and reports across various therapy areas.

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Important Safety Information

Theranova dialyzers are indicated for treatment of chronic and acute renal failure by hemodialysis.
*Do not use Theranova dialyzers in HDF or HF mode.
For safe and proper use of this device, please refer to Instructions for Use.

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