SoftPac Citrate and SelectBag Citrate

Suitable for every patient
SoftPac Citrate SelectBag for hemodialysis


Improved hemodynamic stability may result in fewer episodes of arterial hypotension1*


Improved control of acid-base balance may reduce adverse effect such as cardiac arrhythmia2*


Decreased thrombogenicity may allow a reduction of heparin dose3* and optimizing dialyzer clearances4,5,6*


Biocompatible alternative to acetate most likely resulting in less adverse effects for the patients in a vitro study7*

RenalCare Citrate Dialysis Fluid

Citrate dialysis fluid

The Baxter SoftPac Citrate and SelectBag Citrate concentrate allows for acetate-free dialysis fluids which may help to promote patient well-being with all the beneficial properties of Citrate.8*

Renal Care SelectBag Citrate for hemodialysis

SelectBag Citrate

SelectBag Citrate is an acetate-free concentrate with all the beneficial properties of citrate. With the BiCart Select Citrate system it is easy to optimize the dialysis fluid composition. Sodium and bicarbonate levels are accurately controlled to your settings while the SelectBag Citrate concentrate allows you to easily vary potassium, calcium and glucose.

Renal Care Select Bag Citrate

SoftPac Citrate

SoftPac Citrate is an acetate-free Concentrate with all the beneficial properties of citrate. The PVC free SoftPac Citrate concentrate is available in two sizes, a 3.5L and 5L bag.

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*Compared to concentrate containing acetate